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First Person

This area features articles by people that have been personally impacted by pregnancy loss, stillbirth, neonatal, or other infant death. We thank them for having the courage to share their experiences. We are reminded that we are not alone. Your stories and experiences are welcome.

Please feel free to add your writings for this area of the SIDS Network web site through the new Pregnancy & Infant Loss First Person Guestbook. As SIDS Network volunteers are able, your articles will be transferred from the Guestbook to this page.


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bullet Our First Birthday in Heaven by Julie Aird  [new] (6/6/08)
bullet Our Littlest Angel by Mary E. Johnson (11/12/04)
bullet Angels in Heaven by Marisa Chilton   (3/11/00) change.gif (1031 bytes) (9/25/03)
bullet Confusion by Elaine Freer   (9/13/03)
bullet Why? by Jessica Dyer   (9/13/03)
bullet I'm struggling by Lisa A Hatle   (4/13/02)
bullet It has been 10 days since I have been stripped of the title of mommy by Andee (11/11/00)  change.gif (1031 bytes) (4/13/02)
bullet To the Ones I love by  (4/13/02)
bullet What we wish you knew about pregnancy loss    (4/13/02)
bullet My own loss on 6/28/01 by Trisha Knerr  (10/16/01)
bullet Angel Bear by Lori Waugh  (10/6/01)
bullet Due Date by Julie Adamski  (11/10/99) change.gif (1031 bytes) (10/6/01)
bullet Don't Forget to Say, "I Love You." shared by Amber, written by Nicole Fortuna, age ten  (8/1/01)
bullet Can I Go Through This Again? by Lisa Hatle  (8/1/01)
bullet In My Own World by Mcdc611   (8/1/01)
bullet Always on my mind ... by Sharon  (8/1/01)
bullet The Day I gave birth to you by ctye5   (8/1/01)
bullet I Lost My Babies by Hayley Veschini-Schmitz  (7/31/01)
bullet Our Little Angel by Louise Imray   (1/5/2000) change.gif (1031 bytes) (4/29/01)
bullet There Would Be No Baby, AGAIN by Nicola Atkins  (4/29/01)
bullet Losing Andrew by Jennifer McLeod   (4/29/01)
bullet Too Hard to Understand .... by MomKym  (4/29/01)
bullet Another Child Lost by Lindy Hart  (4/29/01)
bullet Search for answers by Davey's Mom (2/21/01)
bullet Why Me? by Carol Cancilla (1/26/01)
bullet Our Sweet Little Angel by Baylee Griffin  (1/26/01)
bullet I am too afraid by Melissa  (1/26/01)
bullet Teen Pregnancy Loss by Julie Lochard (1/26/01)
bullet My Two Little Angels by Jennifer (1/26/01)
bullet The Hardest Part by Jodi McCormack (1/17/01)
bullet Our Daughter Angelica Elizabeth by Rose (2/10/99) change.gif (1031 bytes) (1/14/01)
bullet My Loss by Gina Kocian (1/3/01)
bullet Wanted Terry Pillay (12/30/00)
bullet Lost Angels by Sandra Mills (12/24/00)
bullet Hold onto hope, no matter how hard it gets... by Victoria Anderson  (12/23/00)
bullet My life that is now gone by Jillian Savage   (1/5/2000) change.gif (1031 bytes) (12/23/00)
bullet No child - 3 miscarriages by Chandra Carter  (12/9/00)
bullet What is there to be Thankful for? by Jennifer  (12/9/00)
bullet My Guardian Angel by Jammie E. (12/9/00)
bullet My Story by Zachary's Mommy (12/9/00)
bullet Sydney Joanne Owens by Leah Owens  (12/9/00)
bullet Alyssa Faith Miller by Helen W. Miller (12/9/00)
bullet My Story by Becky in Surrey, England  (12/9/00)
bullet My Miscarriage by Rachel Bradley (11/11/00)
bullet My Two Angels by Nicky Nicholson (11/11/00)
bullet My sweet angel, Talon by Mommy Niki (11/11/00)
bullet Overseas Angel Lost by Edna Bennett (11/11/00)
bullet My Baby by Kristy Lee  (3/11/00) change.gif (1031 bytes) (11/11/00)
bullet Where is my baby? by Gina Kocian (11/11/00)
bullet Once bitten twice shy - a Story of loss and hope by Monique (11/11/00)
bullet It seems everyone has forgotten by Mary Lou  (10/23/00)
bullet Our Son Brian Michael by Diana  (10/23/00)
bullet Cervical Incompetence by Rebecca  (10/23/00)
bullet Baby G by Patrice  (10/23/00)
bullet Three Angels In Heaven, Two on Earth by Teresa Peavler (10/23/00)
bullet My ectopic and miscarriage by Leigh Tomlin (10/23/00)
bullet The 2nd Candle in a Year and All Alone by Rachel Hill  (10/21/00)
bullet First pregnancy - First miscarriage by Quinn (10/21/00)
bullet We will never know this child by Maria Connor  (10/21/00)
bullet Poetry Gift by Jill Lemming  (10/21/00)
bullet Nightmare Honeymoon by jlewis (10/21/00)
bullet My Story by Melissa Boote (10/21/00)
bullet Shock, Fear, & Hope by the Hott Family (10/21/00)
bullet My Little Sweatpea by pbeauerb   (8/6/99) change.gif (1031 bytes) (10/21/00)
bullet My Story by Debbi Ewing   (4/10/98) change.gif (1031 bytes) (10/21/00)
bullet Siblings On Earth And In Heaven by DiRussellNS  (6/27/00)
bullet Who says it time to move on? by Latchia Johnson  (6/20/00)
bullet Twice The Pain by Stephanie Wagner  (6/20/00)
bullet Three In A Row by RLP  (6/20/00)
bullet Mommy's little angels by Cindy Crenshaw-Dye (this link takes you off the SIDS Network web site. To return, please use your "back" button)   (6/20/00)
bullet Dear Baby by Jaimee Lynn Magee  (6/16/00)
bullet Baby Rus by Catherine Sherbine  (6/14/00)
bullet Our First Angel by Angela  (6/14/00)
bullet Why did this happen? by Mickey  (6/14/00)
bullet Peanut is gone by Hope   (6/14/00)
bullet My Guardian Angels by Terra   (5/16/00)
bullet A Little of Everything by Denise McIntyre  (5/16/00)
bullet On this day I think of you... by Melissa  (5/6/00)
bullet November 30th by Rosa White  (5/6/00)
bullet My unborn child by Katie   (5/6/00)
bullet Angela's gone by Karen Carpenter  (5/6/00)
bullet Father of Engel by Paul Konijn  (3/29/99) change.gif (1031 bytes) (5/4/00)
bullet Our Son, Matthew by Matthew's Mom  (3/11/00) change.gif (1031 bytes) (5/11/00)
bullet Nat's Story by Natalie   (5/3/00)
bullet My Little Worm by Virginia Raises   (5/2/00)
bullet This has been devastating by "wgn21"  (3/11/00)
bullet Forever in our hearts Dylann Siobhan by Jean Morrisey   (3/11/00)
bullet When I am not with You shard by Tracey McDonald  (3/11/00)
bullet Heaven's littlest angel... by Michele  (2/24/2000)
bullet Miscarriage by Nevada Boslet  (8/18/99) change.gif (1031 bytes) (2/23/00)
bullet Reese Anthony Cresto (this link takes you off the SIDS Network web site. To return, please use your "back" button)   (2/23/2000)
bullet Maybe Baby shared by Kevin Wilson  (2/23/2000)
bullet Our son, Angel Gabriel Saladrigas by Marybel Saladrigas  (2/22/2000)
bullet Sarah's Sister by Pip   (2/22/2000)
bullet Kyla Nicole by Tanya Miller  (2/21/2000)
bullet Baby Tate by Jessica Tate  (2/15/2000)
bullet Jeremy Angel by Bigdandleigh  (2/15/2000)
bullet My babies in Heaven by Joscelynne  (1/5/2000)
bullet First Pregnancy and Miscarriage by Mari   (1/5/2000)
bullet Since the Miscarriage by Roberta Bright   (1/5/2000)
bullet Distraught by Richard Carter  (1/5/2000)
bullet We buried Timothy today by Sijae  (1/5/2000)
bullet A Kiss to Heaven by Stephanie Russell   (1/3/2000)
bullet The Loss of My Son by Tamika Fletcher   (1/3/2000)
bullet Never Give Up by Jennifer Clark  (12/29/99)
bullet Three Lost Angels by Lori Munger (12/29/99)
bullet Nicole's Angels Up Above by Nicole (12/28/99)
bullet I left the hospital empty handed by Victoria Anderson  (12/20/99)
bullet The Story Of Baby Lane 2000 by Nancy Lane  (11/20/99)
bullet The Lost Children by Denise Crawley (11/20/99)
bullet My Angel by Beth Jones  (11/20/99)
bullet Empty Arms and Heart by Daisymaelw  (11/20/99)
bullet It Still Hurts by Kerri Benda (11/20/99)
bullet My Miscarriages by sccoleman (11/20/99)
bullet David Joseph by Jackie Goble (11/20/99)
bullet Michael by the Dettmans  (11/15/99)
bullet My Story by Christie Pruitt  (10/23/99)
bullet My Baby by Vicki Fitch   (10/23/99)
bullet Lauren Renee by Danielle Alderson  (10/23/99)
bullet Tiffany Sara by Marie Reiber   (10/23/99)
bullet Our Little Angels by Tracie S. Lemoine  (10/23/99)
bullet Amorette, the love of our lives ... by Sonya Hardebeck  (10/23/99)
bullet My Little One by C&K Bernazzoli   (10/1/99)
bullet Forever In My Heart by Justina Hwong  (9/22/99)
bullet My Sweet Baby Girl by Teresa Dvorak   (9/7/99)
bullet My Baby's Story by Preeti Dixit    (8/28/99)
bullet The Invitation by Cheryl Sena   (8/28/99)
bullet One Year Later by wwl   (8/28/99)
bullet We Will Keep Trying by jasnaim  (8/28/99)
bullet Little Miracles by Angela D. Coleman   (8/28/99)
bullet Not again ... BchLover3   (8/28/99)
bullet I will always long for my babies by Sue Daupert (8/28/99)
bullet I am so scared by Deon  (8/23/98) change.gif (1031 bytes) (3/18/99) change.gif (1031 bytes) (8/25/99)
bullet God's Will? by Elizabeth Watson  (8/18/99)
bullet You would be 7 months! by Kim Rhoden   (8/18/99)
bullet Our Little Christian by Sarah Morris   (8/6/99)
bullet All she will know is happiness...... by Brandy Blalalck  (8/6/99)
bullet Trying not to Think of the Future by S. Browning   (8/6/99)
bullet Our First Ultrasound by Kami Solberg   (8/6/99)
bullet I've suffered with the pain of my lost baby all by myself by Karen Dunn  (7/24/99)
bullet My Little Mystery by Louise Raaschou   (7/24/99)
bullet The emotional healing is just beginning by I. Hoffman  (7/24/99)
bullet I might be young - but it still hurts like hell by Vicky Hales   (7/24/99)
bullet Living In My Heart by Louis Hamill   (7/16/99) change.gif (1031 bytes) (7/24/99)
bullet Nicholas, my angel by Mary Kay  (7/17/99)
bullet I keep asking myself why by beyoner1  (7/17/99)
bullet Loss of Our Twin Boys by Katherine and Fred Zimmerman   (7/17/99)
bullet Someday We All Will Heal by Tracy Brownfield  (9/16/98) change.gif (1031 bytes) (7/16/99)
bullet I can't forget !! by Wafa   (6/8/98) change.gif (1031 bytes) (7/16/99)
bullet If Love Alone ... by Richard Waldrop  (7/3/99)
bullet My Angel by Stephani Sprague  (7/3/99)
bullet My Sweet Angel James by Kim Milliner (6/28/99) change.gif (1031 bytes) (4/22/2012)
bullet Late Pregnancy Loss by Kristen Peralta (4/25/99) change.gif (1031 bytes) (6/21/99)
bullet My Daughter Jacie Ann by Betsy Hale  (1/19/99) change.gif (1031 bytes) (6/21/99)
bullet I Don't Know If I Could Handle #4 by Crystal Murray  (6/21/99)
bullet I would have made a good mother by Melissa Forsyth  (6/8/99)
bullet My Loss by April Strain  (5/29/99)
bullet My beautiful angels, Troy and James by Debbie Szaroleta  (5/29/99)
bullet My Little Angel by Digna Jimenez (5/29/99)
bullet Something I found- Father's Day by Lisa Sculley  (5/27/99)
bullet What Happend?! by Amy Pectol (5/21/99)
bullet We Named Her Katia Louise by Shelly Woodward  (5/14/99)
bullet Our son Gabriel David will live in our hearts... by Shari Tron  (5/8/99)
bullet No Guarantees by Anonymous (5/8/99)
bullet The blankie by  Lorna Charlton  (7/23/96) change.gif (1031 bytes) (5/8/99)
bullet His Name Was Going To Be McKay by Alex Daly  (5/8/99)
bullet My Loss by Laqunda Atkinson  (4/30/99)
bullet Now I lay him down to sleep by Chimere L. Williamson  (4/25/99)
bullet My Angel Alexis by Rhonda (4/25/99)
bullet My Baby's Gone by Myssi  (4/25/99)
bullet Our Angel Arich by Jennifer Hunter  (4/25/99)
bullet My Kayla by Kim Rhoden (4/25/99)
bullet The Ten Don'ts of Parenting a Subsequent Child by Kaye Keith (3/29/99)
bullet My heart still aches till this day by Teresa Lee (3/24/99)
bullet There IS Hope by Michele Hefter (3/24/99)
bullet Our Painful Decision by Laurie Miller  (3/22/99)
bullet Our Hearts Ache For Our Little One by Rebecca Hatch  (10/16/98) change.gif (1031 bytes) (3/21/99)
bullet Two Miscarriages by bark  (3/21/99)
bullet Annalise, Our Angel in Heaven by Sue Mansfield (3/21/99)
bullet About My Loss by Nicole J Creecy (3/18/99)
bullet My Destiny Rose by Barbara Nikkila  (3/18/99)
bullet My Three Miscarriages by Amy (3/11/99)
bullet Empty Arms by Christine McClay  (10/25/98) change.gif (1031 bytes) (3/11/99)
bullet Maddy's Birth and Death by Lisa Paulos Shea (2/27/99)
bullet We will never forget our little lost angel by Kristy (2/24/99)
bullet Born too soon! by Amy  (2/24/99)
bullet My Heartbreak by Jennifer  (2/24/99)
bullet Never To Be Forgotten...To Saylor Marie by Susan King (2/24/99)
bullet Letter to Spencer by Lynda Waddington  (10/16/98) change.gif (1031 bytes) (2/18/99)
bullet My Angel Babies by Sarah Secreto  (2/17/99)
bullet Christmas Angel by Melody Winton  (2/17/99)
bullet I still cry every night by Lily Ong  (2/17/99)
bullet I have a name for my angel by Nancy, Ryann Emery's Mother  (2/17/99)
bullet These days are filled with a lot of tears by Vicki LaFrance (2/17/99)
bullet I Will Not Forget by Lorraine Shawky  (2/17/99)
bullet Baby Jessica by Jana  (2/16/99)
bullet The Greatest Loss Of My Life by Kristin (2/16/99)
bullet Elizabeth An by Jennifer Young  (2/16/99)
bullet Mackenzie's Story by Linda Emmenegger (12/22/98) change.gif (1031 bytes) (1/31/99)
bullet Our Loss by Terri  (1/22/99)
bullet Aubrey's Snow by Johnna Eurich  (1/20/99)
bullet Not Once, But Twice by Lisa Dallison  (1/20/99)
bullet Silent Cries by Sheila Henderson  (1/14/99)
bullet Not Again !!! by Heather Gray  (10/16/98) change.gif (1031 bytes) (1/12/99)
bullet Heaven's Little Angels by Aunt Luci  (1/2/99)
bullet My brief story by Stefanie  (1/2/99)
bullet The Loss of our Child by Mary Stafford  (12/26/98)
bullet Miscarriage by Cheryl  (12/2/98)
bullet My story about my stillborn by Elizabeth  (12/2/98)
bullet Babe by Nikki Macfarlane (12/2/98)
bullet Poems to Share by Sheri (11/17/98)
bullet My unforgotten babies by Elizabeth  (11/17/98)
bullet My Rosebud in heaven by Jaylin Wollan (11/17/98)
bullet When will I find happiness? by Kristyn in Michigan  (11/17/98)
bullet Remembering Sam by Sarah Hanley (11/17/98)
bullet Your Brother & Little Austin by iumaniac  (10/25/98)
bullet For My Son Nathan by Pam Scaggs  (10/25/98)
bullet My Baby Zachary by Amy Morin  (10/25/98)
bullet Gretchen Brooke by ajrvoss (10/25/98)
bullet Complete Despair by Colleen R.  (10/25/98)
bullet Why Us (and an update) by Tanis Hore   (10/16/98)
bullet The day we meet again by Mommy Candace  (10/16/98)
bullet My story, my baby boy by Carly Adams  (10/16/98)
bullet Love Lives On ..... by April Diane Hill  (10/16/98)
bullet Why? by Cheryl  (10/16/98)
bullet Know that I love you by Anne M. Lapine (10/11/98)
bullet The day we'll never forget by Sherry Grise (10/11/98)
bullet Our Precious Baby Boy by Terri Bergamini (9/19/98)
bullet The Worst Day of our Lives by Molly (9/16/98)
bullet My Angel Adam by Kristin  (9/16/98)
bullet To My Baby Boy by Becky  (9/16/98)
bullet Getting This Off My Chest by smilingbuddha  (9/16/98)
bullet Weep For Deirdra by Peggyann W. Allen  (9/4/98)
bullet I should be happy with my life ... by Carol  (9/4/98)
bullet My Baby by Katharine Kavanagh (8/29/98)
bullet Please by Sierra Lynn Miciek's Mom (8/29/98)
bullet A Prayer For The Children shared by Tom Hayhurst (8/23/98)
bullet Matthew's Crib by Tracey Costello (8/15/98)
bullet Amber's Story by Keren Walker (8/15/98)
bullet My Loss by Anonymous (8/15/98)
bullet Men and Grieving by Sandy Colby  (8/15/98)
bullet Baby Andrew by Ellen (8/15/96)
bullet As I Try To Say Good Bye by Ronni Fries  (8/13/96)
bullet A Mother's Sorrow!!! by Lasanthica Benedict (7/23/96)
bullet The Story of Steffani Gwen by Christine Killmer  (7/23/96)
bullet My Angel by K. Horn  (7/21/96)
bullet Little Leah Grace by Becky Strickland  (7/21/96)
bullet To Find the Right Path by David Zufall  (7/21/96)
bullet Letter to Baby Shannon by Shannon's Mom, Stacey (7/9/96)
bullet Small Victories by  (7/4/96)
bullet I Miss My Baby Shannon by Shannon's Mom, Stacey (7/4/96)
bullet My beloved Olivia Grace by Jeanette Wayne (7/4/98)
bullet An Endless Cycle by Karen Dunlop  (7/4/98)
bullet What happens now? by Tracey Phelps   (7/4/98)
bullet Angel of Our Dreams by  (7/4/98)
bullet Twin Loss by Ahmet Yarayan   (7/1/98)
bullet My Story ... by Timmi Culver   (7/1/98)
bullet You have the right to grieve! by   (6/11/98)
bullet My Twin Girls by Tanya Aceves   (6/8/98)
bullet I'm Making It by  (5/29/98)
bullet Imperfectly Perfect by Peggy LeDuc    (5/12/98)
bullet My Sweet Baby Zachary by Susan Holstine   (5/12/98)
bullet Baby Zane and "alive magics" by Christine Allen-Riley  (5/10/98)
bullet In Memory of Cameron by Mama, Daddy, Jack & Daniel  (5/10/98)
bullet Don't they realize the world has stopped? by Kirsty Prescott   (5/10/98)
bullet My Angel Baby by Cheryl Ross  (5/2/98)
bullet Until We Meet by Cindy Hershberger  (4/18/98)
bullet Jacobi Christian Iverson by Carrie Iverson    (4/13/98)
bullet Hi Little One by Sandra Brouker   (4/2/98)
bullet I'll always remember you by Sarah Chamberlain   (4/1/98)
bullet Our Boys ... by by Anita Russell   (3/16/98)
bullet My Story by Kim Edwards   (3/16/98)
bullet My Beautiful Christian Jeffrey by Julie   (3/6/98)
bullet Forever My Britn i by Jenni Proctor   (3/3/98)
bullet Luke Tyler Kerbeshian by great uncle Mark Winholtz   (3/3/98)
bullet A Tribute to Geordi   by Teresa Dawn Amy-Maybury  (2/16/98)
bullet My Story by Angela Davis (2/2/98)
bullet My heart aches ... by Tracie (2/2/98)
bullet Michael by Debbie Cortez  (1/12/98)
bullet Not this time .... by Anonymous    (12/16/97)
bullet Ashley's Story by Beth Anne Leathers  (11/29/97)
bullet Happy Birthday Chrislyn by Brandi Clark   (11/29/97)
bullet You are not forgotten loved one by Jill & Gary Zettel (11/29/97)
bullet My Baby Has Died by  (11/29/97)
bullet Angel of Comfort by Kelley Ann Read (11/24/97)
bullet To Khalil, You Touched Our Lives by Mommy & Daddy  (11/24/97)
bullet Kisses to Heaven by Tara Lyn Metzler (11/21/97)
bullet Kierston's Story by Sheila Stroh (11/19/97)
bullet Discovering an Angel Among Darkness by Jill Miller  (11/6/97)
bullet Little Erik by Cheryl Kolins (11/1/97)
bullet William Alexander by Sharon and Rob Bateman (9/25/97)
bullet My Story by Tara Lyn Metzler (9/17/97)
bullet Nicholas by Katrina Heimberger (9/17/97)
bullet A New Life by Kristine M. Neiman  (9/6/97)
bullet In Celebration of Life: The Story of Little Sarah by Laura Lankford  (8/27/97)
bullet What I Miss by Steve Crook (8/27/97) 
bullet An Angel Among Darkness by Jill Miller  (8/20/97)
bullet A beautiful poem for a beautiful girl shared by Michelle and Dave Carroll (8/20/97)
bullet 2 Years Without Kayleigh Nicole by Stephanie Wright (8/6/97)
bullet Diego's Story / La Historia De Diego by Isabel Trujillo (6/22/97)
bullet Victoria by Amy (6/22/97)
bullet Mom To Many by Traci Woody (6/22/97)
bullet Dustin, our Angel by Jennifer Goodman (6/7/97)
bullet Colin and Kennedy by Paula Kelly (5/25/97)
bullet Smiling again by Doris Arauj (5/25/97)
bullet Hannah Elizabeth by Karen Crook (5/24/97)
bullet My Daughter Vivienne by Lynn Rozon (5/24/97)
bullet Not This Time by Joanne Riven (5/24/97)
bullet Mircles Happen! by (5/24/97)
bullet Keaton Chrisopher Robert Beeson by Lisa Beeson (5/11/97)
bullet Dear Abby by Rowan Sterling (5/5/97)
bullet Oliver and Us by Cathy & Kevin Trill (4/26/97)
bullet Our April Baby Gone in November by Tonya Ridley (4/20/97)
bullet Eclipse by Noelle Haland (4/20/97)
bullet My Valentine by Noelle Haland (4/16/97)
bullet Philip by Peggy Kerner Pereira (4/14/97)
bullet Kaitlyn Nicole's HLHS story by Crystal Young (4/7/97)
bullet My Story by Kathy (1/29/97)
bullet Eulogy for Joshua Alexander Migdol by Michael and Monique Migdol (1/29/97)
bullet Justin, My Precious Son by Deborah Dauenheimer (1/11/97)
bullet To Ethan, on a snowy morning by Noelle Haland (1/11/97)
bullet The Choice by Kristine M. Neiman (1/11/97)
bullet Holidays by Kristine M. Neiman (12/10/96)
bullet Crying For My Baby by Ann Douglas (12/10/96)
bullet The Anniversary by Becky Groska (12/10/96)
bullet Our Precious Marisa Angel by Cindy Ley (10/18/96)
bullet Sam's story by Melissa DeLlanos (10/13/96)
bullet A Letter to our Stillborn Daughter by Carol Jones (10/13/96)
bullet Changed Perspectives by Cindy Ley (10/11/96)
bullet Our Son, Jacob Andrew Roberts by Sharon & Mike Roberts (10/11/96)
bullet The Conversation by Stacey Lange (9/28/96)
bullet Acceptance by April Matthews (8/18/96)
bullet Cody Wayne by Stacey Bunnell (8/18/96)
bullet We miss you, Trevor by Kathy Oster (8/12/96)
bullet A Letter to Quinn by John McCarthy (8/12/96)
bullet "Love Never Leaves A Mother's Arms" by Nancy Brown (8/12/96)
bullet Baby Hannah by Christy McClure (8/12/96)
bullet To My Mommy's Class by Nancy Pauline Siembida. (7/13/96)
bullet Jonathan's Story...our precious gift from God by Rebekah Mitchell. (7/13/96)
bullet To our dear son, Adam Christopher by Karin and Mark Trauman. (7/13/96)
bullet Dear Angel Pauline by Nancy Pauline Siembida. (7/13/96)
bullet Stephen's Story by Cindy Hershberger (7/3/96)
bullet Fiona's Story by Lisa Marie Fournier (6/13/96)
bullet The Promise by Elmer McKeegan (5/30/96)
bullet "So Many Plans" by Karen Downen (5/30/96)
bullet "Thank You, Chrislyn!" by Brandi Clark (5/30/96)
bullet "Losing Alex" by Silvia and Nick Zahorcak (5/27/96)
bullet "Keep his Memory Alive" by Kristine M. Neiman (5/27/96)
bullet You Would Be ... by Stephanie Wright (5/27/96)
bullet You Never Came to Greet Me by Zelinka Heslop (5/27/96)
bullet A letter to Hans by Pamela Jorrick (5/20/96)
bullet My First Mother's Day Without Jared Charles by Kristine M. Neiman (5/20/96)
bullet Remember Kaitlyn by Krista Burell ( 5/18/96)
bullet She's Gone by Krista Burell (5/18/96)
bullet "Still" by Kristine M. Neiman (4/20/96)
bullet Our Miracle by Vicki Harmon (4/20/96)
bullet My Tiny Rosebud - Olivia by Kate Larson (4/20/96)
bullet Thank You Allison by Paul Schlein, Allison's Grandpa (4/20/96)
bullet Autumn Dawn's memorial by Michael Middleton, Autumn's Grandpa (4/15/96)
bullet "Baby Jacob" by Mark, Tracy, Meg, Justine, and Molly Rivera (3/31/96)
bullet "Fetal Demise" by Jim &Annette Polar (3/31/96)
bullet "I Love You, Chrislyn" by Brandi Clark (3/28/96)
bullet "God's Loan" forwarded by Krista Burell (3/20/96)
bullet "Beautiful Twin And Angel, Kayleigh Nicole Wright" by Stephanie Wright (3/18/96)
bullet "Jamie Marie" by Gena Caretto (3/18/96)
bullet "Our Little Angel, Kaitlyn Nicole" by Krista Burell (3/17/96)
bullet "A Mother with no babies to hold" by Jamie Gibbs (3/16/96)
bullet "Rachel" by Dawn Hill (3/13/96)
bullet "Alexandra Jane" by Maureen and Stephen Rosseter (3/2/96)
bullet "My Story" by Karen Saxe (2/28/96)
bullet "Death Of A Dream" by Dana Gensler (2/27/96)
bullet "My Angel, Chrislyn" by Brandi Clark (2/26/96)
bullet "My Story" by bmcbride@Direct.CA (2/26/96)
bullet "My Story" by Robin Marzolf (2/18/96)
bullet "Morning Memories" &"Miscarriage" by Debbi Dickinson (2/18/96)
bullet "Stillbirth of My Son, Jared Charles" by Kristine Neiman (2/14/96)
bullet Letter of Love to Olivia Grace by Jeanette Wayne (2/11/96)
bullet "Aunt Robin's Gift" by Wade Matthew McMullin's Very Special Aunt Robin Mead (2/10/96)
bullet "Wade's Mother's Story" by Wade's Mommy, Denise McMullin (2/3/96)
bullet "A Poem For Lucas" by his Dad, Gervais Fox (1/18/96)
bullet "Lucas Shining Star" by his Dad, Gervais Fox (1/18/96)
bullet "Angel" by Julie Khorsandi (1/13/96)
bullet "Emma's Secret" by her mother (1/2/96)
bullet "Ethan's Story" by Neil Hopkins (1/1/96)


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